Acre Gold Review

Gold is a timeless investment that continues to attract people across the generations. It is tangible and collectible, making it more valuable and attractive to the eyes of investors. If you’re planning to buy a gold bar but cannot afford to pay a lump sum, Acre Gold is providing a way to help you own gold. How does it work? Here’s my Acre Gold Review.

Overview of Acre Gold


Acre Gold is a firm that offers an affordable and stress-free way for people to acquire gold. Established by a group of professional gold collectors and fintech veterans, the company aims to allow clients to gain control over their financial future through physical gold acquisition.

Priding itself as the ‘new store of value,’ Acre Gold is currently operating globally with headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and Boise, Idaho. Its website is getacregold.com.

What Are They Selling?

Acre Gold offers a layaway option to help you purchase a 2.5 g or 5 g Acre Gold Bar. Each gold bar is made of 99.9% fine gold. The bar’s obverse side surface features the stamped Acre logo, purity, and weight. The reverse side has the pattern-stamped Acre logo. The modern, stylish design and mirror-like finish make the gold bars more interesting.

Each gold bar comes with an authenticity certifying card in a box with a display drawer. The tamper-proof packaging of the gold bars ensures the highest quality and protection until it reaches your hands for safekeeping. All Acre Gold products are carefully designed in California and then minted in Switzerland. The premium quality of gold bars guarantees value retention over time.

Costs & Fees

To join the layaway program of Acre Gold, you have to pay a $12 one-time membership fee. Then you can choose the monthly subscription of $30 or $50 for 2.5 grams of gold bar. Once your account accumulates the price of the gold bar, the company will send your gold bar to your doorstep. Acre Gold currently offers a $100 per month subscription option for those who want to own 5 grams of gold bars.

How Does Acre Gold Work?

Having gold bars in your vault or bank vault gives peace of mind, knowing that in any unfortunate eventuality, your family is financially secure. Acre Gold can help you achieve your gold acquisition goal through a monthly subscription program.

After paying the upfront membership fee, you can start paying $50 for the 2.5 gram of gold bar. If you cannot afford that amount, opt for the $30 per month option. Your payments will be stored in your account and once it has enough to cover the price of the gold bar, Acre Gold will ship your precious metal investment to your address. The fulfillment fee and shipping fee will also be deducted from your Acre Gold account. Any excess savings will be credited to your next gold bar.

Moreover, if you want to earn a little extra, check out the referral program of Acre Gold. It will pay you whenever you bring in clients who join the subscription program. You can choose to add the amount to your account to hit your threshold.

Monthly Subscription

Acre’s Gold monthly subscription program is ideal for those who do not want to break the bank in one single action. It is also perfect for beginners who are still uncertain about investing their hard-earned cash into physical gold items.

By just investing $50 per month, the experience is like banking a certain amount to reach your $1000 or $1 million savings goal. What is exciting about this gold acquisition program is you get a tangible product that encapsulates a portion of your wealth whenever you hit the amount that corresponds to the price of the gold bar.

You can also opt to start small by choosing the $30 per month subscription or get to fast track your gold bar accumulation by opting for $100 per month. Acre Gold provides regular updates on your account status, letting you know how close you are to owning your gold bar. You can modify or scale up your subscription anytime. If you change your mind, you can always cancel your subscription and request a fund refund.

Customer Support & Customer Complaints

One of the vital parts of this Acre Gold Review is to check the experiences of customers. I believe in the importance of the customer support program of every company as well as customer feedback. Acre Gold does not have a phone number or offer a live chat feature on their company website, so customers with complaints air their concerns via their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Based on what I’ve seen, I can say that they do answer. They also reply via email.

I just don’t understand why they did not add a live chat function and deal with the issues right there and then. A 24-hour customer service team can effectively help address the needs and inquiries in real-time, making people more trusting and confident about the safety of investing their money in them.

The absence of these essential features makes some people claim that Acre Gold is a scam. However, with a physical address and a website, as well as a growing loyal customer base, it is clear Acre Gold is a legitimate company. Being relatively new in the industry, Acre Gold is a subject of speculative rumors and interests. By updating and enhancing its communication channels, Acre Gold can be a major gold company to watch out for in the coming years.

Some of the complaints of customers pertain to lack of transparency to check their accounts, slow fulfillment and delayed shipment of their gold bar order, paying $20 cancellation fee, no log-in feature to their accounts, no direct contact methods to the team behind the company, no comprehensive information about the products like the price of the gold bar, no way to escalate complaints, and more.

One thing about Acre Gold, they allow customers to express their desired outcome and grievances publicly. They can choose to manipulate the situation by hiding negative remarks and speculations about their legality, but Acre Gold opts to explain their side of the story and offer transparency on how their services work. Their support staff answer emails and professionally assist their customers.


Here are alternative companies that you can check out for your physical gold acquisition goals:

American Hartford Gold


Star Rating

The company is located in New York City and has been in the golf industry for over ten years with over one hundred thousand satisfied customers. It currently sells varieties of coins and bars and provides a secure way to make payments online.Its product line provides an important and valuable tool in building a diverse, balanced savings strategy that protects against stock market crashes, loss of income, or other emergencies. Its extensive product line also provides flexibility when buying precious physical metals.

Because Gold is the only genuine global currency and the ultimate long-term protection against any disaster, including the dollar’s collapse. Gold has been treasured for 5,000 years because it is a unique form of money that does not require the protection of a government to make it legal tender. No one can ever destroy its value by printing more of it, and even poor people can store vast amounts of weight in tiny spaces.



Star Rating

Goldco is a top-rated US company that offers self-directed silver or gold IRAs. With over a decade of experience in the industry and thousands of loyal customers, Goldco provides an alternative way to grow retirement savings. Instead of the traditional paper assets, the individual retirement account (IRA) gives you an option to invest in physical gold assets or a combination of precious metals (gold, silver, and palladium).

As per IRS requirements for self-directed IRAs, you need a custodian or trustee for your gold assets. It can be a bank, mutual fund company, insurance company, or brokerage firm to keep your investments safe.

Regal Assets


Star Rating

Regal Assets is one of the trusted investment firms in terms of metals and cryptos. It is an official member of the prestigious Forbes Financial Council with thousands of high-profile clients including celebrities and Silicon Valley billionaires. It specializes in diversifying or transferring traditional IRAs and investment portfolios and providing a wide array of digital/metal assets.

One of Regal Assets’ unique and cutting-edge investment instruments is the Regal IRA. It is a smart choice if you aim to invest in both crypto and gold. This future-driven plan is the first Alternative Assets IRA in the world, with features that you will not find in other offerings.


Summing up, Acre Gold offers a flexible, hassle-free way for physical gold ownership for new investors and buyers. While it seems a bit scary because you are putting your funds in an online account, the prospect of gold ownership is exciting. You get to choose how fast you are going to accumulate enough money to pay for your first gold bar and then to the next one.

As with any investment, it is crucial to make your research an objective assessment of the pros and cons. This Acre Gold Review serves as your guide to jumpstart your journey to gold acquisition. Do not miss the opportunity to grow and secure your family’s future. Check out Acre Gold now!

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